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Our IT Services

We are one-stop solution for web development and design related services. At Gatitaa, we have handled complexities, demands, specifications and challenges with great care, passion and confidence. With the field of web development and design becoming competent and growing at a fast pace, it is hard to keep up to the expectations of consumers and emerge out as a winner. Gatitaa promises to provide a complete set of services when it comes to website design and development.

Web Designing

Web Designing

Web designing is an art of shaping your imagination into an authoritative design or website that will serve as a bridge between your business objectives and your target audience.

Software Development


Software development is the process of computer programming, documenting, testing involved in maintaining applications involved in a software release life cycle



internet marketing refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce,in addition to sales leads from Web sites.

Search Engine Optimization


SEO is no magic but if done smartly whereby following the guidelines can produce results. Let us do the magic for you by making you fetch top rankings in search engine Such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.



SMS messages are purchased in bulk. In addition Bulk SMS is a considerably cheaper method of mass communication than regular mail, and much more efficient than e-mail marketing.

CMS Web Development


At Pointer Gatitaa IT Services, we have wide range of 'Content Management System' development and customizing services for high quality web sites. In our segment of CMS development our professional go through all the stages in the life cycle of software development process right from designing the software to prototyping to development, implementation and maintenance.

Customer Says

  • Gatitaa has been the best development group I have worked with period. They have met or exceeded my expectations on every project.

  • We have been partnering with Gatitaa for about 2 years. Gatitaa demonstrated their professionalism of internet development.

  • These people are the best at what they do. If you want a great service with speed and perfection, use these guys. Thanks Gatitaa.

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