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Level up your E-Commerce store performance with Magento

Would you like to improve your e-commerce shop? Would you want the online company to achieve more revenue? Move to Magento! To update your online shop, use our robust Magento migration service. We can help you move your shop from one e-commerce platform to another and update it to the new Magento version, thanks to our broad experience in improving online shops.

The next-generation E-Commerce platform for unbeatable success: Step Towards Magento migration service

Each online store is unique, with third-party extensions, themes, modules, and running on different platforms. Migrating to Magento is quite a difficult and challenging operation since the structure on which it stands is very complex and democratic. The Magento migration service involves many important aspects, including the security of important store data, downtime, and ease of accessibility. Without sufficient Magento experience, switching your E-Commerce platform will trigger needless trouble and adverse effect on your online store.

At Gatitaa, we deliver end-to-end Magento migration service to move your shop securely to the strong E-Commerce framework in Magento. If it's Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration or transferring your shop from another network, we use state-of-the-art technology coupled with adequate backup to transfer your shop smoothly to the extremely scalable and flexible Magento Development Services in Pune.

Why migrate to Magento migration service!

  • Fast
  • Search engine optimized
  • Highly flexible and powerful platform
  • easy navigation
  • Increases conversion rate and revenue
  • Great user experience
  • Excellent reporting

Built around your business with flexible and powerful Magento solutions

Gatitaa is a full-service Magento development company that delivers commendable E-Commerce solutions. With 700 + Magento stores delivered successfully, we combine the strengths of more than 100 talented Magento experts to provide you with the best Magento can offer. The developers at Gatitaa excel in providing dynamic, result-oriented E-Commerce solutions. If it's online retailers, global shops, SMEs, or start-ups that have been developed, we have all-inclusive solutions from design and production to final launch and help & sustain. Only brief the criteria, and we are going to provide a highly compliant E-Commerce application that provides fantastic ROI.

Why are you selecting Us?


While being fairly new to the industry, our team has won well-respected customer's confidence. The foundation for success is reputation. So we are not giving our customers the chance to question our credibility.


Our professional developers and experts proved very successful in project execution.


Generally, sticking to the schedules and performing projects on the schedule does not mean that they will be completed qualitatively. It's not the case with the Gatitaa team, however. The outcome of our continuing growth is the balance of efficiency with the time-limits to produce better performance.

Move your entire store securely to the powerful Magento Development Services in Pune.

In Magento migration systems, what is included?

Our Magento migration service, Magento 1 to Magento 2, offer a wide range of additional services. Whether you want to transform orders, customers, products, or settings, our team will do everything possible to guarantee the correct transaction of all pieces of information. It contains all sections, groups, comments, product statistics, details, credit memoranda, titles, and indexed sections (with SEO values). Be confident that we will switch easily and fully from Magento 1 to 2. Aside from the above, the following details can be transferred as well:

  • Delivery info, shopping cart rules, and coupons
  • Tips on taxation and catalogs
  • Migration of Delta Software
  • Removal of error

Let's Migrate Together

There are also other opportunities that Magento developers have to sell. When you want to know how to upgrade Magento 2, don't hesitate to send us a note. Our specialist for Magento Development Services in Pune will get in contact with you to address any questions you might have.